Gang Member Held in Shooting That Sparked Coliseum Riot

June 14, 1942, Comics
June 14, 1942:   Police arrest Oscar Fierro, 18, an alleged member of the East First Street Gang, in the shooting of Frank Torres, a purported member of the Clanton Street Gang, who was wounded in the head while leaving the Coliseum with a girl after attending a track meet.

The shooting touched off a riot “among thousands of teenaged boys, who were subdued only by the efforts of 50 armed soldiers called out from a nearby encampment,” The Times said.

Rear Adm. Frederick C. Shermandescribes the loss of the aircraft carrier Lexington in the Battle of the Coral Sea, calling it “the first time in history there has been an air-sea battle between aircraft carriers.”

The ship, which was racked by fire and explosions, was sunk by a destroyer to keep from falling into enemy hands.

June 14, 1942, Gang Arrest

June 14, 1942, Lexington

June 14, 1942, Lexington

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