Doolittle Visits North American Plant, Praises Workers for Bombers Used in Tokyo Raid

Jne 2, 1942, Comics

June 2, 1942: In a visit to the North American aircraft plant, Brig. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle praises workers who built the bombers used in his raid on Tokyo.

Otis W. Hall is accused of killing his estranged wife and sending her roses with a note that said: “See you in heaven.”

Bing Crosby sustains a cut to his mouth in a car accident at Wilshire Boulevard and Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills. Crosby had several stitches, but his manager, brother Larry Crosby, says there was no damage to the crooner’s voice.

The Hays office asked Howard Hughes to change a line in  “The Outlaw,” but now New York’s censors are complaining about the revised scene, Hedda Hopper says.

June 2, 1942, Doolittle Visits North American Plant

June 2, 1942, Inquest

June 2, 1942, Bing Crosby injured

June 2, 1942, Hedda Hopper

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