Wife Stabs Abusive Husband to Death as Children Sleep

May 16, 1942, Comics
Tips on how to tell Chinese (allies!) from Japanese (enemies!) by cartoonist Milton Caniff.

May 16, 1942, Killing

May 16, 1942:  Earl Blaisure came home drunk at 2:30 a.m., picked up his .22 rifle and pointed at his wife, Molly, the latest in what she described as continual beatings and mistreatment.

This time, however, she told him she was leaving. Fleeing an attack by her husband, she ran into the kitchen and grabbed a boning knife.

As their young children slept, she stabbed him in the heart. She was acquitted.

The city ordinance against jaywalking had recently been ruled invalid, leading to what police say is a sudden increase in pedestrians’ deaths.

The Supreme Courtreversed the murder conviction of Isaac Williams, an African American who was convicted of killing a Japanese during a holdup. Williams had accused the police of beating him into confessing, but prosecutors believed the evidence was so overwhelming that they didn’t bother to dispute his brutality claim, The Times said.

The Supreme Court interpreted the failure to deny the charges as though there was no defense, The Times said.

The officers in question, (possibly Detective Lloyd?) Baughn, (possibly Lee) Slajer and Capt. Edgar Edwards, belatedly told the Police Commission that the brutality charges were untrue.

May 14, 1942, Killing
1030 Dacotah St.

May 14, 1942, Blaisure Killing

May 16, 1942, Jaywalking Blamed for Traffic Deaths


May 16, 1942, Brutality Case

May 16, 1942, Brutality

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