Caltech Students Hold Drag Beauty Contest

May 15, 1942, Comics

May 15, 1942: In a typical publicity stunt, someone from showman Earl Carroll’s operation offered to select Caltech’s beauty queen. Nobody told them that the campus was all-male (oooh girls can’t be engineers!). So the young men decided to have a drag beauty contest with assistance of some women from the Pasadena Playhouse.

And Disney composer Frank Church, who wrote “Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf,” commits suicide after suffering a mental breakdown.

May 15, 1942, Drag Beauty Context

May 15, 1942, Drag Beauty Contest

The Times reported that Jack Warren, Pete Lambert and Georgia Osgood got themselves made up in drag and submitted glamour photos to the contest. It was a difficult choice, apparently, but Carroll declared Warren the winner.
May 15, 1942, Drag Beauty Contest

May 15, 1942, Frank Churchill suicide

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