Black Dahlia Exhibit – Leslie Dillon

Leslie Dillon

This is one of the 1949 photos of Leslie Dillon displayed in the Black Dahlia exhibit at the Los Angeles Police Historical Society.

In case you don’t recall, Dillon is the fellow who contacted LAPD psychiatrist J. Paul DeRiver after reading about the Black Dahlia case in a pulp crime magazine. DeRiver came to believe that Dillon was the killer and got Dillon to come for a rendezvous in Las Vegas under the pretext of taking a job as his personal secretary. DeRiver and the gangster squad began a separate – and secret – investigation, bypassing lead homicide detectives Harry Hansen and Finis Brown.

Oh, did it not end well.

Leslie Dillon

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4 Responses to Black Dahlia Exhibit – Leslie Dillon

  1. sherry smith says:

    Leslie got what he wanted……a big pay off if I remember correctly.


  2. Eve says:

    What happened? Seriously, Larry, you HAVE to write a Black Dahlia book, there are no non-crazy ones out there.


  3. JAMES SCOTT says:

    We’ve all been looking forward to your book on this subject for a long time. Any word on when it will be published?


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