‘Hellzapoppin’ " Opens in Los Angeles


Feb. 10, 1942:  The Hawaii Theater at Hollywood and Gower becomes a first-run theater (adios, Charles Foster Kane) with “Hellzapoppin.’ ” The “Congaroos” are “colored performers” who do “snappy dances.” “Stand-ins of the Hollywood stars” sounds like a gag, but it could be real for all I know. And the entertainment is suitable for The Times’ carriers.

Feb. 12, 1942, Hellzapoppin

Feb. 24, 1942, Hellzapoppin

Feb. 24, 1942, Hellzapoppin

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6 Responses to ‘Hellzapoppin’ " Opens in Los Angeles

  1. Eve says:

    THIRTY Congeroos? That’s a LOT of Congeroos.


  2. Mary Mallory says:

    This is a very funny film, especially in the way it breaks the fourth wall in addressing the audience. Shemp Howard of the Three Stooges is the projectionist. Hugh Herbert and Mischa Auer are great fun, the songs are toe tapping, and it’s very entertaining.


    • Don Danard says:

      Right on the money there, Mary.
      And I love the guy walking thru’ the theater with the plant, which keeps growing, asking for “Mrs. Jones”.


  3. Mary Mallory says:

    I don’t remember 30 congaroos on stage at one time. There is one really great number where they dance, focusing on three or 4 couples, and then at the end there’s people on the sidelines. wild.


    • Eve says:

      That’s good. I can tolerate–even enjoy–as many as a dozen Congeroos at once. But any more than that, and my Congeroo saturation level has been over-extended.


  4. In less than ten years, Nat Perrin and Alex Gottlieb would turn to television as their primary medium. Add another generation, and George Schlatter would re-mix Olsen & Johnson’s zany, surreal style into something called ‘Laugh-In’.


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