Found on EBay – Hotel Alexandria

Alexandria Hotel parmelee_dohrmann02

Sept. 9, 1906, Parmelee Dohrmann

A pitcher from the Hotel Alexandria at Spring and 5th streets has been listed on EBay. In the early 20th century, the Alexandria was one of Los Angeles’ most distinguished hotels. It has withstood several cycles of poverty and restoration, and the Long Beach, Sylmar and Northridge earthquakes, surviving to witness the astonishing downtown renaissance. Bonus: It’s across from the Last Book Store.

Parmelee-Dohrmann was originally at 232-234 S. Spring St., then moved to 436-444 S. Broadway. By 1930, the store was at 8th and Flower streets, with branches in Pasadena, Long Beach and San Diego.  Its last appearance in The Times is a display ad from December 1952, listing stores at 510 W. 7th St. in Los Angeles; 520 Pine Ave., Long Beach; and C Street at 7th Avenue in San Diego.

Bidding on the pitcher starts at  $9.99.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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