War Workers Start Day With Prayer

Jan. 4, 1942, Corregidor

Jan. 4, 1942, Bomb Shelber

4200 S. Olive Street
Photo: The 4200 block of South Olive Street via Google’s Street View.

Jan. 4, 1942: William E. Kosdy uses a shovel to dig a two-person bomb shelter in the backyard of his home, 4236 S. Olive St. “I didn’t follow any specifications. This is no time to be waiting for specifications or permits,” he says.

Rychei Tanaka is arrested after he was allegedly seen leaving a rooming house at 310 1/2 S. Los Angeles St. with a bag full of swords. Sakiko Takemoto told police that the swords belonged to her brother, and upon investigation, authorities arrested her and her mother, Chika, for failing to obey a presidential order to surrender a .22-caliber rifle, a revolver, a signal flare and a shortwave radio.

The Ambassador Hotel announces that the Cocoanut Grove will only be open for dancing on Friday and Saturday nights “until the habits of the socially inclined have returned to normal.”

Los Angeles police officers return to eight-hour shifts after working 12 hours a day since the Pearl Harbor attack. However, police will be asked to work one 12-hour shift per week.

War workers at the Severance Tool Co., 3844 S. Santa Fe Ave., begin every morning with a 15-minute religious service. And yes, they are paid for the time they spend in worship.

“After a Scripture reading, a short talk and perhaps a devotional song, the meeting is closed with a prayer as each workman kneels before his tool-cutting machine,” The Times says.

Clark Gable tells Jimmie Fidler why he and Carole Lombard didn’t dispute stories that their marriage was in trouble. “Denial, Mr. Fidler, is often as incriminating as admission. So we simply ignored the rumors.”

Jan. 4, 1942, Japanese Arrested

Jan. 4, 1942, Cocoanut Grove

Jan. 4, 1942, LAPD shifts

Jan. 4, 1942, Machine Shop Prayers
3844 S. Santa Fe
Photo: 3844 S. Santa Fe, Vernon, via Google’s Street View.

Jan. 4, 1942, Machine Shop Prayers

Jan. 4, 1942, Jimmie Fidler

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3 Responses to War Workers Start Day With Prayer

  1. CatM says:

    I see the Lennerd house has a little patio structure and shed in different areas of the backyard now. I wonder if they found any remnants of the bomb shelter while putting them up, or if it was long gone by then. Maybe the Lennerds took it down themselves after the war. This kind of story makes me want to send a letter to the current occupant and ask. It also makes me want to head for the back yard with a shovel and cement blocks to see if I could dig out a shelter too.


  2. CatM says:

    If Jimmy Fidler actually sat down with Clark Gable instead of his publicist for this interview, I’ll give you $20.


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