4 Die as Streetcar Crushes Auto

Dec. 29, 1941, Streetcar Crash
115th Street and Hawthorne Boulevard
Photo: 115th Street and Hawthorne Boulevard via Google’s Street View.

Dec. 29, 1941, Comics

Dec. 29, 1941: A streetcar heading north on Hawthorne Boulevard hits an automobile at 115th Street after the driver, apparently blinded by rain, entered the intersection.

“The streetcar struck the machine dead center. At the first impact the streetcar was lifted clear off the tracks and then it settled back down, shoving, grinding the automobile, bucking along like a horse but grinding the car underneath the front wheels. The streetcar rolled for 150 feet and finally stopped,” John Holmes, of 5033 W. 118th Place, told police.

The victims are identified as Jacob and Mattie Kessler, 326 W. 132nd, Hawthorne; their son Henry, 10836 Inglewood Ave., Lennox; and their granddaughter Carol Jean Kessler.

Folks who are eager to bring back the streetcars, please take note.

“Axis aliens” are complying with orders to turn in their shortwave radios and cameras.

Jimmie Fidler says: Oliver “Babe” Hardy, man dismayed: Mr. Hardy’s confusion was pitiful when he discovered that, because he has added weight, he couldn’t wear his Santa Claus outfit this year until it had been let out at certain tight places.

Dec. 29, 1941, Streetcar crash Dec. 29, 1941, Crash

Dec. 29, 1941, Radios and Cameras

Dec. 29, 1941, Jimmie Fidler

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