‘Citizen Kane’ Movie of the Year

Dec. 21, 1941, Raids on California Ships
Dec. 21, 1941, Comics
Dec. 21, 1941: Philip K. Scheuer writes: “Citizen Kane”  is, for this column, picture of 1941. It would be that if only because it jolted Hollywood once again into realizing the possibilities of the screen as a storytelling medium in sight and sound. But it is also a tremendously exciting experience — one that bears repeating — and a good show, to say nothing of the prospects it uncovers for a whole raft of actors and technicians, including, of course, Orson Welles himself.

The faux pas of the year is Greta Garbo’s “Two-Faced Woman.” The film has been rushed back to editing room to be re-cut, but the damage has been done, Scheuer says.

Jimmie Fidler says: Anyone who calls Hobart Bosworth “old” should try to keep pace with him during his daily health hike.

Dec. 21, 1941, Town Called Hollywood
Dec. 21, 1941, Philip Scheuer

Dec. 21, 1941, Jimmie Fidler

Dec. 21, 1941, Jimmie Fidler

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1 Response to ‘Citizen Kane’ Movie of the Year

  1. Philip K. Scheuer is a masterful and perceptive writer. Fidler is what his name implies. Fascinating to see both on the same screen.


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