L.A. County Pays Immigrants on Welfare to Go Back to Mexico

Dec. 3, 1941, Immigration


Dec. 3, 1941: Here’s how Los Angeles County once handled immigration. Officials paid families on welfare $100 ($1,464.25 USD 2010) over 10 months to go back to Mexico. Since 1930-31, more than 4,000 families had gone back to Mexico under the program, The Times said.

Tom Treanor, who was killed covering World War II for The Times, picks up a hitchhiker and learns about Army life.

The Marines wear loud uniforms and they’re loud guys and they walk around like they’re kings. I don’t go for that stuff. But they get into more fighting. I’d like to get in the middle of it. After you’ve been a soldier for a while, all you want to do is get into the fighting. That’s what these strikers don’t understand until they see us coming at them. If they order us to go get them, we’ll go get them. We do what we’re ordered.

Garbo skis in “Two-Faced Woman,” her first picture since “Ninotchka,” opening at Grauman’s Chinese  and Loew’s State.

Jimmie Fidler says: I would be most unfair to the motion picture industry, including all its branches and people, if I failed to dwell on the fact that the movies contributed almost $975,000 to the U.S.O. It was the largest single contribution to this fund!

Dec. 3, 1941, Tom Treanor

Dec. 3, 1941, Two-Faced Woman

Dec. 3, 1931, Jimmie Fidler

Dec. 3, 1931, Jimmie Fidler

Dec. 3, 1931, Jimmie Fidler

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