L.A. Detectives Meet New York Mobster’s Plane at Burbank Airport

Nofv. 8, 1941, Shapes Ahoy
Nov. 8, 1941, Waxey Gordon
Nov. 8, 1941: Waxey Gordon, whose real name was Irving Wexler (d. 1952, Alcatraz), lands at Lockheed Air Terminal (now Burbank Airport), where he is greeted by detectives from the district attorney’s office, the LAPD and airport police. Gordon, accompanied by Albert Mayer, arrived from San Francisco and was en route to Chicago when he received the typical treatment that local police gave to visiting mobsters.

Also on the jump: A Times reporter finds some humor in the suicide of a man named Grief … Tom Treanor writes that Los Angeles drivers are the worst in the world … and LAPD officers question a ham radio operator after seeing him adjust the antenna on his car – his name is Isamu Yumori, “American-born Japanese.”

Jimmie Fidler says: NO BELLS to: Samuel Goldwyn and the management of a Glendale theater, for luring patrons to see an advertised preview of “Ball of Fire” — then refusing to screen it because a trade paper reviewer (who’d purchased his ticket) was in the audience and Goldwyn felt the picture was not ready for the press to see.

Nov. 7, 1941, Waxey Gordon
Nov. 7, 1941, Waxey Gordon

Nov. 7, 1941, Suicide

Nov. 7, 1941, Drivers

Nov. 7, 1941, Ham Radio

Nov. 7, 1941, Jimmie Fidler

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  1. Eve says:

    Grace Carlos: “She Serves it Hot!” Love it. Reminds me of the bills at the old Troc in Philadelphia (“Carlotta Tendant: You’ll Want to Park With Her All Night!” “Takya Vestoff: Sweetie of the Tsars!”).


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