L.A. Mystery Photo [Updated]


Well? Any ideas?

This is the floor of the Bradbury Building.  I took a picture of it during an art class given Saturday by Marion Eisenmann, known to Daily Mirror readers through the Artist’s Notebook. Marion asked me to make some brief remarks to her students on the history of the buildings they were sketching.


This is students’ artwork, so I won’t be posting it, but we had an interesting time. Our first stop was on Grand Avenue outside California Plaza, where the students sketched the streetscape, with the Art Deco Southern California Edison Building in the distance.

After a quick sketch of City Hall and a walk past the Occupy L.A.  camp, LAPD headquarters and the Caltrans Building, we went to the Bradbury.


When we arrived, a Los Angeles Conservancy docent was giving a tour, so the students got a nice presentation on the history of the building and while we were there, more tourists arrived. Nearly everyone mentioned “Blade Runner.”


And in case you are interested, Marion is teaching one more Atmospheric Plein Air Painting class on Nov. 3 at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, (626) 821-4623 for reservations or email jill.berry@arboretum.org. Further information is on Marion’s website.

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6 Responses to L.A. Mystery Photo [Updated]

  1. Mary Mallory says:

    Union Station.


  2. CatM says:

    The Ladies restroom at the Library?


  3. Gary Martin says:

    the men’s room at Union station.


  4. Reminds me of Union Station.


  5. dewey webb says:

    Frolic Room lavatory?

    (now we are supposed to identify aging tile?)


  6. Barry OB says:

    Grand Central Market?


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