Found on EBay – ‘The Gold Rush’

Gold Rush

A program from the 1925 showing of “The Gold Rush” at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre has been listed on EBay. This item has been removed from a scrapbook and frankly we have mixed feelings about that. Antique dealers who cannibalize mementos make us uncomfortable, and yet it’s sometimes the only way a collector can obtain an item. It’s a pity when these things don’t remain in the family. Bidding on the program starts at $9.99.

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1 Response to Found on EBay – ‘The Gold Rush’

  1. Oh to have been at Sid Grauman’s Chinese to see the first run of ‘The Gold Rush’, with a live prologue of players one hundred in number. Prologues, for those who don’t know, were live stage shows accompanying the feature film in major houses. They were still going strong as late as 1955 at the grand, Chicago Theater in the City similarly named. Attended several as a kid.

    Here’s a bit of perspective: The Chaplin Studios, where ‘The Gold Rush’ was made, was only a five minute walk from The Chinese. I can imagine Chaplin strolling by and dropping in to enjoy the laughter. Who says a company town can’t be magic?


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