Court Dispute Highlights Kevorkian’s Artwork

Image: Johann Sebastian Bach by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, in one of his paintings that doesn’t involve death and – apparently — wasn’t painted with his own blood.

Washington Post education writer and columnist Jay Mathews has an interesting piece on Zocalo’s website about returning to his hometown of San Mateo, Calif., and exploring the transformation of his old high school.

Suburban schools like Hillsdale rarely if ever change, except in their ethnic mix. Hillsdale was about 95 percent white when I graduated in 1963. Today the 1,343-member student body is 45 percent white, 30 percent Latino, 15 percent Asian, 4 percent Filipino, and 2 percent black. About 20 percent are low income, roughly what it was when I was there.

That is a typical demographic shift for a California suburban school, and not what makes it so startling to visit Hillsdale now. Through many twists and turns, while I wasn’t paying attention, it has become one of America’s first 21st century schools.

The Las Vegas Mob Experience (museum) files for bankruptcy. Katy Stetch in the Wall Street Journal.

Melissa Jenco of the Chicago Tribune writes that Kevin Byrne has been chosen to live in Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry for a month.

And you thought John Wayne Gacy’s clown paintings were weird – read about the dispute over Jack Kevorkian’s art. |
Online catalog for the Kevorkian auction

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1 Response to Court Dispute Highlights Kevorkian’s Artwork

  1. On the Museum of Science & Industry stay, best watch out for those kids experimenting with flatlining. Things have been known to go wrong…


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