Old Computers: Less Power Than a Cellphone, but Cool


Photo: Deep Thought (OK, not really) in the Living Computer Museum. Credit: Dionne Searcey/Wall Street Journal.

Dionne Searcey of the Wall Street Journal writes about the Living Computer Museum established by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

And of course, the computers  — with less power than your average cellphone – are put to good use:

Museum workers are hoping others will be as interested in the obsolete gear as Mr. Allen. It already has attracted a following by putting some of the old servers online so technology aficionados can play old-school, largely text-based games like Zork—or otherwise access the computer dinosaurs—just for fun. Students and computer junkies stop by to view the collection by appointment.

To play Zork online telnet zorkonline.org. The user and password are zorkonline. Young persons with Windows-based machines: Click Start, go to Run and type in telnet zorkonline.org. Young persons with Macs: Go to the command prompt in Terminal and do the same thing. Young persons with Linux: You already know what I’m talking about.

The L.A. Daily Mirror and L.A. Crime Beat selected by Old World algorithms by the bots at paper.li.

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1 Response to Old Computers: Less Power Than a Cellphone, but Cool

  1. Rotter says:

    Looks kind of like the computer panel from “Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea”.


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