Voices: Police Capt. Ed Jokisch, 1914 – 2011, Part 3

Ed Jokisch

Image: Ed Jokisch retires, Feb. 18, 1972. Retirement cartoons are an LAPD tradition. This is what they looked like in the 1970s. Credit: Ed Jokisch family.

This is Part 3 of my interview with the late Ed Jokisch. Note: Toward the end of this segment Ed and I began going through photographs. There are many long pauses, so I clipped off the last eight or 10 minutes of the interview.

Ed Jokisch interview Part 1 | Part 2

In this portion, Ed discusses Inspector Hugh Farnum, Steve Hodel’s “Black Dahlia Avenger,” abortion rings; the arrests of Dr. Eric Kirk and Timothy W. Tully in an abortion ring in September 1948;

Dan Bechtell; Charles Stoker’s “Thicker ‘n’ Thieves“; the killings of Detectives Robert Endler and Charles Monaghan by Leaman Russell Smith on Feb. 1, 1964;  Adolph Alexander; Dr. Leslie Audrain; Vern Rasmussen; Chief of Detectives Thad Brown; Detective Paul Freestone; Detective Harry Fremont; Chief William H. Parker;

The 1951 Bloody Christmas police beatings;   Leonard Thalberg; Police Capt. Robert Lohrman; Detective Harry Fremont killing Jimmy Greene, suspected of shooting Officer Arturo “Art” Fraide, at Georgia Street Receiving Hospital on Feb. 26, 1947;

The shotgun slaying of mob attorney  Samuel Rummel on Dec. 11, 1950; the “Two Tonys” murder of Anthony Brancato and Anthony Trombino on Aug. 6, 1951;

The Oct. 12, 1949, disappearance of Mickey Cohen associate Dave “Davy” Ogul; the Oct. 7, 1949, disappearance of Jean Spangler; Jimmy “the Weasel” Fratianno; the shooting of Endler and Monaghan;

The Feb. 15, 1946, kidnapping of  Rochelle Gluskoter; Detective Jesse Haskins; Chief Clemence C.B. Horrall; Lee Jones of the LAPD crime lab, Inspector James Lawrence; Los Angeles County Coroner Ben Brown; Capt. Lohrman; Detective Stewart Jones; Charles Riblett,; Detective J.W. Wass;

Detectives Marty Wynn, Vance Braser and Capt. Jack Donahoe and the Dec. 20, 1946, arrest of Erwin Walker in the killing of Highway Patrolman Loren Roosevelt; the case was the basis for “He Walked by Night,” the film that inspired  “Dragnet.”


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