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Woody Guthrie Scrapbook

Photo: A page of Woody Guthrie’s scrapbooks. Credit: Robin Carson, the Woody Guthrie Archive


Eve M. Kahn of the New York Times examines efforts to preserve Woody Guthrie’s fragile, crumbling scrapbooks. The Woody Guthrie Foundation received  an $80,000 grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services to conserve the material.  If you have ever examined an old scrapbook, you know just how easily this material disintegrates. [Bonus fact: Guthrie was briefly a suspect in the Black Dahlia case. No, really!]

Reed Johnson, in the L.A. Times’ Culture Monster, visits an event at the Hammer Museum that marks the unofficial beginning of Pacific Standard Time, a festival that will examine and celebrate art in Los Angeles from 1945 to 1980.

The L.A. Daily Mirror and L.A. Crime Beat lovingly prepared from Twitter feeds by the bots at paper.li


Terry Teachout of the Wall Street Journal writes about John Marin, once acclaimed as America’s greatest artist, who is virtually unknown today.


Doug Estepp’s West Virginia Mine War Tour examines the fight between labor and mine operators. Michael Dresser in the Baltimore Sun.

The Smithsonian Institution has opened an exhibit on last year’s rescue of the Chilean miners who were trapped underground for more than two months.


R.E.G. “Ron” Davies, an expert on the history of airlines and a curator at the National Air and Space Museum, has died at 90. Emily Langer, Washington Post.

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