Marion Eisenmann: Artist’s Notebook – Outside the Edison

“Outside the Edison,” by Marion Eisenmann.
Note: I’m reposting the sketches that Marion Eisenmann did on the former incarnation of the Daily Mirror blog. This is from 2010.

I thought it would be fun to write about the crowds that have revived downtown nightlife in the last few years, so late one Friday, Marion Eisenmann and I strolled up 2nd Street from The Times and studied the people waiting to get into the Edison.  It’s an ultra-hip club with an entrance in the alley and lots of arty-industrial metal stairs going down to what used to be the boiler room in the basement of the Higgins Building.There’s usually a long line on the sidewalk on Friday nights and sometimes a stretch limo is parked nearby. The flashy young crowd lined up for half a block and the packs of bicyclists that take over the streets are quite a contrast to the many nights when I left The Times Building to find that I had downtown to myself.Marion says: “It was easy to determine the color mode for this illustration. It was night, and the people lining up for the club were dressed in black or black and white.”Note: In case you just tuned in, Marion and I are roaming Los Angeles in a project inspired by Joe Seewerker and Charles Owens’ Nuestro Pueblo.Anyone who’s interested in Marion’s artwork should contact her directly.

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