L.A. Daily Mirror’s Discerning Readers

Nude Witzel IBM Selectric Stamp

selectric_font_ocr I must say, the L.A. Daily Mirror readers are truly outstanding. My traffic indicates that they prefer old type fonts to nude photos by a slight margin. At left, the Selectric OCR font in all its glory. I think the Web approximation is way too clean and tidy. 

Photo 1: Nudes by Witzel for sale on EBay. Credit: For sale on EBay.
Photo 2: IBM Selectric commemorative stamp. Credit:
U.S. Postal Service.
Photo 3: IBM Selectric OCR font. Credit:

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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4 Responses to L.A. Daily Mirror’s Discerning Readers

  1. fibber mcgee says:

    There’s lots one can do with an IBM Selectric for sure, but on the other hand with a nekked lady you can ….


  2. hockeykevin says:

    Some of us look at this page at work. Naked pictures + work = termination in most states!


  3. Rinky Dink says:

    Oh dear. I clicked on the nude.


  4. depends on the type of nude.


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