CARMAGEDDON: Woman Designs 405-10 Interchange!

April 6, 1964, Marilyn Reece

Speaking of  CARMAGEDDON, here’s an April 6, 1964, profile by The Times’ Dorothy Townsend of freeway engineers Marilyn Reece, who designed the 405-10 interchange  and Carol Schumaker, who designed and 405-605 interchange.

It may be a man’s world, but don’t worry, guys: “I go to market and wash and feel just like the girl who stays home all the time. You couldn’t tell the difference,” says Carol.


Reece’s obituary by Dennis McLellan.

April 6, 1964, Marilyn Reece

April 6, 1964, Marilyn Reece

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1 Response to CARMAGEDDON: Woman Designs 405-10 Interchange!

  1. rechercher says:

    This is priceless–and they even printed their full street addresses right in the paper, you know, in case the Welcome Wagon wanted to stop by or something. Woman have come a long way, baby.


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