Broadway Revisited

Broadway Postcard

I got this postcard on EBay because the details are sharp and it shows The Times Building before it was blown up in 1910. The picture was most likely taken from the beautiful old courthouse farther north on Broadway that was demolished.

So I thought it would be fun to compare it with the way it looks on Google Earth.

Broadway, Google Earth

The gray “ghost” building on the right represents the  Cold War monstrosity that was demolished after being damaged in the Northridge earthquake. At the moment, it’s a big hole in the ground that collects rainwater and is growing weeds.

One landmark is clearly visible in both pictures: The Bradbury Building!

Broadway Postcard
The Bradbury is partially visible behind City Hall (the brick structure with the tower) in the upper-left quadrant. The dome of the old Times Building at 1st Street and Broadway is almost in the center of the image.

Broadway, Google Earth

And there’s the Bradbury as seen from space, via Google Earth. Neat, huh?


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3 Responses to Broadway Revisited

  1. CatM says:

    I only live an hour away and already I’m homesick for my favorite city. I think I’ll take a day off and wander around, just to see what’s changed in the past 2 years. Apparently, quite a lot. Sometimes it’s as if they scrape up the entire city every few decades and put down a new one, but no matter – they always miss a little bit here and there that I can visit. And I have a very coldblooded sense of humor whenever some new developer puffs that his new glorious structure will last blah blah blah many years. Chances are I’ll be dancing on its grave soon enough.


  2. Jasmijn says:

    Super cool! We just watched “D.O.A.” on DVD (which includes several scenes in and around the Bradbury building ca. 1950) and then went on a hunt of old photos of Broadway online. I was up for *hours*…


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