Michael Jackson – Art Collector

Michael Jackson "Leave Me Alone."

Is Michael Jackson’s art collection with $900 million? Well, maybe not.

Dylan Howard of Star magazine writes: Michael Jackson secretly left behind an almost billion-dollar secret art fortune that is now at the center of an international tug of war, Star has exclusively learned.

But not so fast:

Ashton Cooper of ArtInfo.com writes: When the news broke recently that Michael Jackson had a $900 million art collection, most people probably had the same reaction: Michael Jackson had a $900 million art collection?! Furthermore, all but the most fanatical of Jackson fans were probably unaware that the late singer was himself a visual artist.

And the appraiser?

Photo: Michael Jackson: “Leave Me Alone.”

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2 Responses to Michael Jackson – Art Collector

  1. eve says:

    I have a feeling Michael Jackson’s art collection being worth $900 million is like those people on “Hoarders” claiming their piles of old handbags and broken sewing machines “are worth thousands and thousands of dollars!”


  2. Donna Lethal says:

    Mr. Jackson once helped himself to some of the photographer whose work I archive, Phil Stern’s, photographs, promising to return them. It took years and no sale was ever made.


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