Call From the Past

iretrophone iretrophone steampunk

Maybe it’s not enough for your cellphone to have a ringtone that’s an  old-school phone. Maybe you need an iPhone docking station that looks like an old phone. These are made by Freeland Studios in the regular (left, $195) and Steampunk ($350) styles.

Photos: iretrophones Credit: Freeland Studios

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3 Responses to Call From the Past

  1. frank martin says:

    Now if the phone has an app that changes your voice into a Damon Runyon character, then you would have something:

    ( Say this in your best William Demarest impression):

    “Im gonna get da chief on da blower here and were gonna talk about Captain Culpepper’s pension situation toot sweet!”


  2. Celsius1414 says:

    Oh my, those are pretty.

    I don’t have a smart phone, but I do use original series Star Trek communicator sound effects for ringtones. 🙂


  3. eve says:

    I have two working old phones in my flat–there is a company in the Midwest that repairs and sells them. In my office I have a 1919 brass candlestick phone, the kind you pick up and yell STOP THE PRESSES! And in my bedroom I have a 1930s French phone, the kind Jean Harlow accepted invitations from Mrs. Oliver Jordan on.


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