Found on EBay – C.C. Pierce

San Francisco Earthquake

San Francisco Earthquake
I’m always on the lookout for photographs by Charles Chester Pierce, whose C.C. Pierce and Co. was one of the most active studios in Los Angeles. The images are always sharp and finely detailed. Most of them show Los Angeles, but here’s a book of images that has been listed on EBay, showing San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake. Bidding on this book starts at $9.99.

Many of Pierce’s photographs are at the Huntington (51 linear feet!).

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2 Responses to Found on EBay – C.C. Pierce

  1. eve says:

    Cool–one of my many guilty pleasures (well, one of the ones I will admit in public) is “Instant Disaster Books.” I have same-year accounts of the the S.F. earthquake, Titanic, the Gen’l. Slocum, the Galveston hurricane, the Iroquois Theater fire, and the Johnstown flood.


  2. Lee Rivas says:

    I like C. C. Pierce as well so I made one bid and got the book. About $18.00 (includes $4.00 shipping). It was a steal for all the original prints. Looking forward to receiving it in the mail.


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