Queen of the Dead by Eve Golden


You’ll recognize Eve Golden as one of the Daily Mirror regulars. Now that I’m no longer at latimes.com I’m free to use outside writers and Eve is my first addition. She describes herself as: a biographer, show-business historian, photo archivist and obituary writer. And a haughty dowager.

Queen of the Dead—dateline June 13, 2011


Carl Gardner, the cutest and most elfin-looking of The Coasters, died on June 12, age 82. A tenor, he sang lead on such hits as “Yakety Yak,” “Charlie Brown,” “Poison Ivy,” and “Searchin’.”

• There are not many female movie producers in Hollywood, and now there is one less: Laura Ziskin, 61, died on June 12. She is best known for the hugely successful Pretty Woman—the annoying tale of an adorable, perky prostitute—but for my money her masterpiece was the dark, funny thriller To Die For, based on the Pamela Smart murder. Ziskin also produced four Spider-Man movies and was the first woman to produce the Oscars telecast (in 2002).

• Singer Seth Putnam, 43, died on June 11 after ingesting a truly impressive amount of Ambien. In a 25-year career, Putnam fronted for such festively named bands as Anal Cunt, Shit Scum, Adolf Satan, Vaginal Jesus, Necrophiliacs, and Seven Minutes of Nausea. Putman had a Sid Vicious-caliber death wish: “I have a really high drug and alcohol tolerance,” he somewhat optimistically told The Boston Phoenix in 2004, adding sadly that “I don’t want to be a suicidal mess anymore.”

The Telegraph can always be relied upon for the very best in obit writing, and they did not let us down with the passing on May 5 of Henry Lorimer, 71. The Scottish-born marketing director started out to become a Benedictine monk, arriving at the Abbey in a Rolls-Royce, but his clerical career ended “when the novice master found fault with his polishing of the brass in the abbey. Lorimer is said to have upbraided him in turn with a large Easter candle before stuffing him into the confessional.” Hats off, as usual, to good folk at The Telegraph.

Eve Golden

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8 Responses to Queen of the Dead by Eve Golden

  1. Vincent says:

    Eve’s a fine lady — her Jean Harlow book “Platinum Girl,” may not be as well known as David Stenn’s “Bombshell,” but is a worthy Harlow bio in its own right — and is a welcome addition to your new blog.


  2. Eve says:

    Thank you, Larry, for giving me a forum for my musings. I write obits for the photo house where I work, and send them out to the media–but in those I must be professional and detached and not include any of my own opinions. This gives me a chance to talk about some of the lesser-known but more interesting obits from week to week, which may not make your local newspaper.

    And thank you, Vincent, for plugging my Jean Harlow book! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


  3. Julie Merholz says:

    Eve, I loved your obits. I like it when someone has an opinion of the deceased instead of just the bare facts.
    Thank you. I will follow you.


  4. Donna Lethal says:

    Eve’s obits are a regular feature at our Celluloid Slammer blog. Eve’s also a contributor and an inspiration to “Dowager Quarterly,” (of course!)


  5. Thank goodness for Eve Golden…The Dowager of Death! One of the best writers and biographers there is, and my personal favorite, Eve can now give us something to laugh about–celebrity passings! Makes me wish I was famous and about to die! Rock and Write on, Golden Girl!


  6. Mark says:

    Eve Golden! Whooppee! One of my favourite authors. I’ve read all her books. It’s good to see her dry sense of humour again (I still miss her Bottom Shelf column in Movieline).


  7. i’m trying to envision what the album covers look like to the music seth was a part of.

    adolph satan, gotta love it.


  8. Thelma Auman says:

    Eve is just different from most people which makes her special …….but I love her because she is also a very caring person.



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