Jim Murray, June 6, 1961


  June 6, 1961, Day in Sports.  


  June 6, 1961, Jim Murray  

June 6, 1961: Track and field is still a wholesome LIVING sport, not bound down to tradition like, say, baseball. A trophy for everything and everything for a trophy. I don't know whether you know it or not, but Olympic events are the least standardized of any in the whole fabric of sports. Today it can be high-jumping or hop-step-and-jumping. Tomorrow, it could just as well be pushing a peanut on your nose around a circular course over two jumps and a water hole.


  June 6, 1961, Jim Murray  



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2 Responses to Jim Murray, June 6, 1961

  1. Ronald Emmis says:

    I was hoping that you would do a story on Robert Kennedy’s assassination, what with the Ambassador Hotel gone now.
    My cousin was working for the RFK campaign, and was in the hotel that night when Kennedy was shot.


  2. lrh says:

    @Ronald: We did extensive coverage of the Robert F. Kennedy shooting and the trial of Sirhan in 2008, for the 40th anniversary. There’s a link on the right rail under RFK.


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