Jim Murray, May 31, 1961

  May 31, 1961, Indianapolis 5000  

  May 31, 1961, Indianapolis 500  
  May 31, 1961, Jim Murray  

May 31, 1961: Emile Griffith is a slashing boxer from the Virgin Islands whose waist is so narrow and shoulders so wide that he would have to go to a tailor for his suits even if it weren't the only way he could get a belt in the back that buttons in the middle — and colors to match the silver and gold buckles on his shoes.


  May 31, 1961, Jim Murray  

  May 31, 1961, Jim Murray  

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2 Responses to Jim Murray, May 31, 1961

  1. Arthur Marx says:

    Not only did you disappoint me greatly, you also cost me a lunch.
    I had a bet with a friend who also follows this blog that when Memorial Day rolled around, you would post the famous 1966 Jim Murray column titled “The 500: Gentlemen, Start Your Coffins.”
    In the unlikely case that you are not familiar with it, you can read it here:


  2. lrh says:

    @Arthur You should have suggested it. Otherwise you’d have to wait until 2016!


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