Whatever Happened to the Black Film?



  May 8, 1981, Comics  

May 8, 1981 –  Dale Pollock writes: Whatever happened to the black film? It seems to reside these days in the person of Richard Pryor, the comedian-turned-film star, who is one of the few black performers capable of attracting the vital "crossover" white audience that ensures a movie's financial success.



  May 8, 1981, Film Clips  

  May 8, 1981, Flim Clips  

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1 Response to Whatever Happened to the Black Film?

  1. Arye Michael Bender says:

    What claptrap about ‘crossover’. We human beings of all stripe have always enjoyed seeing interesting, compelling, talented personalities on screens, big and small. It was only the ignorance of producers, distributors, advertisers, and theater owners that placed the wall between people.
    Am so happy that those walls of separation are now few and far between. Tearing them down has resulted in a much more vibrant culture.


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