Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, May 8, 1941

  May 8, 1941, Comics  

  May 8, 1941, John McNamara Dies  

May 8, 1941: John J. McNamara, one of the key figures in the 1910 bombing of the Los Angeles Times and the bombing of the Llewellyn Iron Works , dies in Montana. His brother James had died in prison on March 8.

Lee Shippey goes home from the hospital and writes about the marvels of health insurance because healthcare is so expensive.

The United States Navy not only supervises all technical details in naval films but reserves the right to censor the completed pictures for entertainment and moral quality, Jimmie Fidler says.


  May 8, 1941, Lee Shippey  

  May 8, 1941, Tom Treanor  

  May 8, 1941, Jimmie Fidler  
  May 8, 1941, Jimmie Fidler  

  May 8, 1941, Jimmie Fidler  

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2 Responses to Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, May 8, 1941

  1. Mary mallory says:

    I’m reading “American Lightning,” the book about the 1910 LA Times bombing right now. While it gets some of its facts wrong, the book brings out how similar the economy and political matters were a century ago to situations today. Then, big business and capitalists were trying to destroy unions, health benefits, etc., and attempting to create a permanent underclass of mostly have nots. Is not history repeating itself, what with so many states, etc. trying to do away with unions and at the same time trying to destroy health systems that aid the poor and working class, and leave people to fend for themselves? Are we heading for a society where there’s a small band of super rich, and the rest of the population are serfs during their bidding?


  2. larry harnisch says:

    Having been through The Times’ material at the Huntington, the transcripts of U.S. vs. Ryan (also at the Huntington) and the transcripts of the first trial of Clarence Darrow for an ill-fated project on The Times bombing, I can say that “American Lightning” is an absolutely wretched book in terms of accuracy. The research is dreadful.


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