Yorty Seeks to Limit L.A. Mayors to Two Terms

  May 3, 1961, Sam Yorty  

  May 3, 1961, comics  

May 3, 1961: The Times editorial page backs Mayor Norris Poulson, who lost to  challenger Sam Yorty. Although Yorty advocated a two-term limit for mayors, he served three terms and was seeking a fourth when he was defeated by Tom Bradley.

And in case you are keeping track, The Times endorsed Yorty against Rep. James Roosevelt in 1965 (I can’t imagine The Times of this era endorsing a Roosevelt, can you?), Bradley against Yorty in 1969 (Bradley was defeated) and again in 1973, when Bradley won. 

I have been rummaging around the Daily Mirror HQ for my copy of “Maverick Mayor: A Biography of Sam Yorty” by The Times’ Ed Ainsworth. Must be in the annex, a.k.a. the garage. 

On the jump, Deputy Dist. Atty. J. Miller Leavy is awarded damages over his appearance in the film “Justice and Caryl Chessman.” Leavy said he was promised that the film would only be shown on television and not in theaters. “Justice and Caryl Chessman” is being shown with “Cell 2455, Death Row” at the Roxie in San Francisco later this month.

And Spade Cooley is hospitalized for heart trouble while being held in the killing of his wife. Some stories refer to Cooley as “the king of western swing,” but the Bob Wills fans would argue with that.


  May 3, 1961, Chessman Film  

  May 3, 1961, Spade Cooley  

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