Liz Renay Sentenced to Prison


  April 11, 1961, Comics  


  April 11, 1961  

April 11, 1961: Liz Renay (d. 2007) is sentenced to prison for violating the terms of her probation for perjury in Mickey Cohen’s tax evasion case. She later said: "I have paid a dear price for the mistake I made, and I hope the public will be forgiving. I wanted to protect Mickey. I felt I owed him that. I couldn't deliberately hurt someone who had been nice to me."

Renay was charged with resorting, which was reduced to disturbing the peace. This quaint term refers to checking into any sort of business establishment, like a hotel, for prostitution. 


  April 11, 1961, Liz Renay  

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2 Responses to Liz Renay Sentenced to Prison

  1. fibber mcgee says:

    Liz Renay. Too bad you didn’t run a photo of her from your never-ending files. She was a looker. Better looking than most big lady moom pitcher stars and she had one heck of a lot of personality, too. Spent too much time in the darkness, though. Squandered any thought of a real career by hanging out with mobsters, or so they say. None other than C. B. DeMille wanted to make her a star but scandal attached to her like a magnet. We interviewed her once on the tarmac at LAX. And those eyes — one green and one blue? We forget exactly but haven’t forgotten her, er, built.


  2. Pamela Porter says:

    Her autobiography – “My Face For The World To See” – is extremely entertaining. John Waters told her the sequel should be titled “My Ass For The World To Kiss”.
    Is there anything in the archives about her daughter Brenda’s suicide? They were a mother/daughter strip act at one time.
    She did indeed live a very interesting life.


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