Daily Mirror Readers — ‘The Brain Trust’

Photo courtesy of Howard Decker

Most Daily Mirror readers know him as Fibber. His real name is Howard Decker, and here’s a picture of him covering the Spade Cooley trial. He’s the fellow in the background on the right. Howard also covered the 1957 story of an intoxicated Gail Russell driving her convertible through a window of Jan’s Restaurant, 8424 Beverly Blvd.

[Note to crime tour buffs: The restaurant is still there and it’s a nice breakfast place.]

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3 Responses to Daily Mirror Readers — ‘The Brain Trust’

  1. Arye Michael Bender says:

    ‘Tis so, McGee!


  2. Diane Ely says:

    Fibber: Did Spade Cooley’s daughter have to testify as a witness at the trial?


  3. fibber mcgee says:

    Yes, Diane, Melody Cooley testified at her father’s trial. I believe she was about 14. A very sweet girl enmeshed in a nightmare.


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