Found on EBay — The Herald Examiner [Updated]

Blackface Herald Herald Blackface
[Update: My nickname for Daily Mirror readers is "the brain trust" because they always impress me with their knowledge. Fibber, Sam and Roger believe this is from the Chicago Herald-Examiner, which dates from 1918 to 1939. I was previously unaware of this publication and I'll watch out for it in the future. Thanks, folks! ]

This curious item from the Herald Examiner promoting the “Blackface Index” has been listed on EBay. It’s hard to tell much about this coin except that it can’t be dated any earlier than 1962, when the Examiner merged with the Herald-Express.

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2 Responses to Found on EBay — The Herald Examiner [Updated]

  1. Sam Flowers says:

    The coin says Herald and Examiner. That to me implies two different newspapers not the combined Herald Examiner of later days. I sold the Herald Express after school in the 50’s. The Examiner was active at that time and was a morning paper as you well know. I remember saying EXTRA, EXTRA Read all About IT !!! very vividly. I would say the coin is much older.


  2. Roger says:

    This is from Hearst’s Chicago Herald & Examiner and looks to be from earlier in the 20th century. If I had to guess, I’d say their classified ads indicated which jobs welcomed people of color to apply. Thank goodness times have changed!


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