Jim Murray, Feb. 27, March 14, 1961


  March 14, 1961, Patterson  


  Feb. 27, 1961,Jim Murray  

Feb. 27, 1961: Jim Murray takes his wife and two other women to see boxing at the Olympic. One question: The best way to wash blood out of boxers’ trunks.

Murray writes a nice piece about Angel Macias, who is at the Angels training camp, even though he is 16 and too young to be signed to a contract.Murray mentions a TV documentary about Macias titled "How Tall Is a Giant," which sounds like it might be worth seeing. 


  Feb. 27, 1961,Jim Murray  

  March 14, 1961, Jim Murray  

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1 Response to Jim Murray, Feb. 27, March 14, 1961

  1. hockeykevin says:

    I remember seeing this film when I was a kid playing ball at the Highland Park Rec Center in the mid 70’s. He never made it to the majors. Here’s an interesting article that will give you some insight into Mr. Macias and what happened to him.


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