Hollywood Lost and Found — Grauman’s Footprints in Cement



Sept. 9, 1982: Perhaps you recall recent stories about the discovery of footprints in slabs of concrete that were removed from outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre during construction of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here’s more on the slabs in question. At the time the story was published, the blocks were on display in a storefront museum on Hollywood Boulevard a block from the Chinese Theatre.

“The prints are so faint that Richard Brian — who bought the blocks, transported them from Phoenix in a truck and placed them in his museum — had to darken them with pencil lead to make them visible,” The Times said.



  Sept. 9, 1982, Footprints  

  Sept. 9, 1982, Footprints  

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3 Responses to Hollywood Lost and Found — Grauman’s Footprints in Cement

  1. Vincent says:

    In this vein, does anyone know what happened to the slabs of celebrities’ autographs that hung outside Earl Carroll’s nightclub on Sunset Boulevard? They were there through the late 1960s, when they were taken down for a mural when the venue became the Aquarius. Some entries on the slabs, and the mural:


  2. James Curtis says:

    Re: the Earl Carroll autographs, I believe Milt Larsen has them–or did around the time he was running the Variety Arts Theatre.


  3. Mary Mallory says:

    So how did the footprints end up out in the airport hanger?


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