Paul Coates, Jan. 27, 1961



  Jan. 27, 1961, Mirror Cover  
  Jan. 27, 1961, Mel Blanc  
Jan. 27, 1961: Carroll Van Court asks Mirror readers to pray for Mel Blanc, who was badly injured in a car crash.

Paul Coates dips into the mailbag and endures a reader’s taunts that he is getting old.


  Jan. 27, 1961, Mel Blanc  
  Jan. 27, 1961, Paul Coates  

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2 Responses to Paul Coates, Jan. 27, 1961

  1. Arye Michael Bender says:

    Mel Blanc did recover from the crash, but was left with permanent damage that may have shortened his life. I met him mid seventies. He required two canes attached to braces beneath his forearms to walk. Walking was clearly a slow and painful process. Yet, his soul was warm and gentle. He seemed to be a very sweet being.
    And that multi-faceted voice remained absolutely intact.


  2. Steven Moshlak says:

    What do Jan & Dean and Mel Blanc have in common?
    Here’s a little follow-up to the Mel Blanc auto accident. By the way, he was driving a sports car, so he probably sped and / or oversteered the vehicle.
    Apparently, there is a number of “Dead Man’s Curves” along Sunset Blvd. Both Jan Berry (Jan & Dean) and Mel Blanc both have had accidents along Sunset Blvd., Jan near the intersection of Whittier (in Beverly Hills) and Mel Blanc’s was about a mile away in the east, just north of UCLA and southeast of Marymount High School.
    I used to drive a tow truck, while at UCLA, and towed away my fair share of cars from the area.


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