Matt Weinstock, Jan. 26, 1961


  Jan. 26, 1961, Comics  

Jan. 26, 1961: The sound of an auto collision at Sunset Boulevard and Roxbury Drive attracted the usual crowd of onlookers and as Eugene Rodney, producer of the Robert Young TV show, dejectedly appraised the damage to his white Thunderbird, one of them, a man in sports shirt and slacks, asked, "Is there anything I can do?"

Rodney recognized him as pianist Jose Iturbi and after a moment's contemplation said, "Yes, there is! Would you play 'The Ritual Fire Dance' from 'El Amor Brujo' by De Falla–Softly!"

DEAR ABBY: Yesterday I saw two people together who had absolutely no business being together. The man is the husband of a very good friend of mine. The women is the wife of a respected professional man. He was helping her into his car and they were laughing and so wrapped up in each other's company they didn't know anyone else was on the street. This was about noontime.

It worked on my mind so much I decided to call up my friend and tell her about her husband….


  Jan. 26, 1961, Weinstock  

  Jan. 26, 1961, Abby  

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1 Response to Matt Weinstock, Jan. 26, 1961

  1. Jeff says:

    I could tell “Getting No Place” what her boyfriend is doing in the shower so many times a day.


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