Movieland Mystery Photo — Updated

  Dec. 14, 2010, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

Update: This is Thelma Todd and Antonio Moreno. Although there's no further caption information on the back of the print, I believe it's from "Bohemian Girl," as Mary Mallory says.  Please congratulate Eve, Mary and Mike Hawks for identifying him!

  Jan. 26, 1936, Thelma Todd  

Jan. 26, 1936: Thelma Todd’s death forced Hal Roach to virtually eliminate her from “The Bohemian Girl,” Times writer John Scott says.


  Jan. 26, 1936, Thelma Todd  
  Jan. 26, 1936, Thelma Todd  

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5 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo — Updated

  1. Eve says:

    Yeah, even Hal Roach had his limits, and propping dead actresses in front of the camera was it.
    (That’s Thel with the dreamy Antonio Moreno, yes?)


  2. Mary Mallory says:

    Thelma and Antonio Moreno from THE BOHEMIAN GIRL.


  3. Diane Ely says:

    Was Loretta Young’s “severe illness” actually the time she gave birth to Clark Gable’s daughter in 1935?


  4. Ronald Emmis says:

    Yes, it could be from “The Bohemian Girl” (1936).
    However, both appeared in an earlier film, 1929’s “Careers.”
    So, it could be from either film.


  5. Randy Skretvedt says:

    This is definitely from “The Bohemian Girl,” which was actually finished and shown to the trade just before Thelma’s death. Her role as the “Gypsy Queen” was re-written for the elderly character actress Zeffie Tilbury, and the romantic scenes she’d had were reworked so that Antonio Moreno was now romancing Oliver Hardy’s wife, played by Mae Busch. Read more about it in my book, “Laurel & Hardy: The Magic Behind the Movies” (shameless plug).


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