Movieland Mystery Photo — Updated

  Dec. 4, 2010, Mystery Photo  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

  Oct. 5, 1927, Thelma Todd  

Update: Our mystery guest in this photo, published in The Times on Oct. 30, 1927, is former mystery guest Josephine Dunn. Please congratulate Mary Mallory for identifying her!

I thought it would be interesting to make a small detour for Thelma Todd on the 75th anniversary of her death. I plan to post some of The Times’ archival photos with stories about her. Hope you find it interesting!

In this Oct. 5, 1927, story, Grace Kingsley profiles Todd, a former teacher who was Miss Massachusetts of 1924. “While there is nothing yet definite about stardom, Miss Todd is already being featured as leading woman and her work is improving all the time, it is said, with Paramount officials viewing her favorably for promotion,” The Times said.

And those who want to play the mystery photo game can try to guess her mystery companions!


  Oc. 5, 1927, Thelma Todd  

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4 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo — Updated

  1. Native Angeleno says:

    Love the notice, above, time-traveling director John Waters is going away—“on vacation”.


  2. Dewey Webb says:

    Carole Lombard (fresh from dental procedure?)


  3. Mary mallory says:

    Thelma is with former mystery guest Josephine Dunn.


  4. Barry O'Brien says:

    For some reason the one on the right reminds me of Tony Curtis in “Some Like It Hot”…something about the smile.


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