Paul Coates on Adolf Eichmann, Nov. 30, 1960



  Nov. 3, 1960, Mirror  

Nov. 3,  1960: Israel's Atty. Gen. Gideon Hausner tells Paul Coates: "Revenge is not the motive of this trial. What we want to do is, once and for all, set before the world the fully documented story of the so-called 'Final Solution to Jewry,' and we want to do it through the testimony of the man who was responsible.

"But let me assure you. We are bound by the strict observance of law. This will not become a circus. Adolf Eichmann will get a fair trial."

On the jump, Marilyn Monroe is purportedly an orphan but a gossip columnist finds her mother in  a sanitarium in the latest chapter of Maurice Zolotow’s biography “The Real Marilyn Monroe.”


  Nov. 30, 1960, Coates  
  Nov. 30, 1960, Monroe  

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2 Responses to Paul Coates on Adolf Eichmann, Nov. 30, 1960

  1. Boo-boo says:

    Seeing as this was written while Marilyn Monroe was still alive, I wonder if this had any affect on her?


  2. I have written a review about the film “The Specialist” about the Eichmann trial:


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