A Season of Optimism for Dodgers, Angels


  Nov. 29, 1970, Reagan  

Nov. 29, 1970: State income from tax revenue is running lower than expected while state spending — primarily for social welfare — is running higher than earlier estimates.


  Nov. 29, 1970, Dodgers  

Nov. 29, 1970: The Dodgers and Angels were feeling optimistic but how hard is that in the middle of winter?

"We have a chance to win it all next year," said the Dodgers' Al Campanis.

The Angels had "the highest of hopes for 1971," Dick Walsh told The Times John Wiebusch.

Both teams had made big offseason acquisitions, the Dodgers getting Richie Allen and the Angels Tony Conigliaro.

The Dodgers were named in various reports about looking for more pitching, specifically Steve Carlton of the Cardinals, Ken Hotzman of the Cubs and former Dodger Ron Perranoski of the Twins.

Campanis said he would consider trading one of their "good young kids," who included shortstop Bobby Valentine, first baseman-outfielder Bill Buckner, third baseman-outfielder Steve Garvey and outfielder Tom Paciorek.

Eventually, they would all become ex-Dodgers.

–Keith Thursby

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