Matt Weinstock, Nov. 29, 1960

  Nov. 29, 1960, Comics  

Nov. 29, 1960:  Matt Weinstock has the story of a group of people who were discussing current films (one of them had seen a preview of “Exodus”) and another said he hadn’t been to a movie since “Wings.”

Also on the jump, a story about Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling and his clash with Sen. Thomas J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who inserted a statement in the official record of a hearing charging that Pauling had a "long record of service to Communist causes and objectives, many of them related in no way to his special field of science."

CONFIDENTIAL TO "TRYING TO FORGET": Get rid of the letters, pictures and all the little "reminders." The romance is dead, dead, dead!


  Nov. 29, 1960, Weinstock

  Nov. 29, 1960, Abby  

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