Paul Coates Is on Vacation, Nov. 10, 1960

  Nov. 10, 1960, Mirror Cover  

Nov. 10, 1960: Paul Coates is on vacation. Instead, we have a letters column in which readers say that women have too many rights, the minimum age for a driver’s license should be raised to 18 and wonder, if cars cause air pollution, why didn’t Los Angeles build more public transportation? Remember, in 1960, Los Angeles still had a streetcar system.

ps. The jury system doesn’t work, one letter writer says.


  Nov. 10, 1960, Letters  

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8 Responses to Paul Coates Is on Vacation, Nov. 10, 1960

  1. zabadu says:

    I want to read more about the “wrong person in coffin” story!!


  2. Native Angeleno says:

    Yes, Larry, please show us both the continuation of the wrong stew in the coffin. I take it the one who was thought dead was hiding out, enjoying her new identity.
    And please let us read the ends of the articles on why Nixon lost / Kennedy won. Excellent insight well written.
    The ominousness of the headline is not lost on me, as it will not be on others. Both hated the Kennedys, and played large parts in the decapitation of the Kennedy Administration.


  3. Stacia says:

    I’d love to know how the wrong girl could have been identified as the victim of the car crash. It would mean no one noticed that Mary Hawthorne was still walking around AND that the parents never identified the body. I’m with everyone else: If you could show us page 20, column 3, I’d love to read the rest!


  4. Diane Ely says:

    Me too!


  5. Jim Hill says:

    Me too.


  6. zabadu says:

    Larry, are you listening????


  7. Arye Michael Bender says:

    JFK kept J. Edgar because Hoover successfully blackmailed Kennedy about an affair he once had with a suspected Russian spy.
    Hoover was very clever that way. At least JFK had the taste not to date Hoover in a dress. Who would — other than Clyde Tolson?


  8. Diane Ely says:

    Wonder what became of Mary Hawthorne – if she’s still around today?


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