GOP Truth Squad Attacks Kennedy’s Record


  Nov. 3, 1960, Comics  


Nov. 3, 1960: The Republican Party Truth Squad visits Los Angeles on its U.S. tour.  The Republican officials "accused the Democratic nominee of 'shocking distortions' concerning U.S. strength and progress achieved under the Eisenhower administration," The Times said.


  Nov. 3, 1960, Truth Squad  

  Nov. 3, 1960, Truth Squad  

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1 Response to GOP Truth Squad Attacks Kennedy’s Record

  1. Native Angeleno says:

    This criticism didn’t work nationally, though Calif went for native son Nixon anyway. JFK was every bit in the details in his duty as president.
    One could make the argument that it was his youth and inattention to the details while Senator that did not prepare him for the Military-Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned us, and him, about just before JFK was inaugurated. Kennedy saw a lot of anti-democratic ugly rightwing militarism once he reached the top, and reacted to it with idealism, planning to smash the cia into 1000 pieces and preparing to withdraw from Vietnam altogether after the 1964 elections in the face of a Pentagon that near-unanimously encouraged him to fight a nuclear war in Oct 1962. It was those forces that removed him in the last months before the ’64 campaign was to start, when assassination would not necessarily be seen as political.
    The beneficiary of that treason, Lyndon Johnson, once he returned to Washington on 11/22/63, withdrew his directive to announce that Vietnam withdrawal as his first silent act of national betrayal as president.


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