James Caan on Film Directing


  Nov. 2, 1980, James Caan  

Nov. 2, 1980: Roderick Mann interviews James Caan and asks when he will direct another film after “Hide in Plain Sight.”

Caan says: "A lot of people were very kind when my film opened. Michael Eisner of Paramount told me I could direct for them anytime. And Dustin Hoffman wrote me a long letter saying how much he liked the film.

"But the truth is it's just too hard for a creative person to go hat in hand to some of the people running this business and ask for things. If making that film taught me anything it's that some of the people in charge just don't deserve to be there."


  Nov. 2, 1980, James Caan  

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1 Response to James Caan on Film Directing

  1. Paul M. Mock says:

    Another fine piece by Mr. Mann! Thanks, Larry.


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