Nixon for President!

July 28, 1960, Nixon and Pat
Los Angeles Times file photo

July 28, 1960: Republican presidential nominee Richard Nixon and his wife, Pat, wave to delegates.


Times editorial cartoonist Bruce Russell shows that Richard Nixon has experienced hair. I mean, is this a joke or what?  Readers must have been wondering what happened when Paul Conrad arrived at The Times.

July 28, 1960

July 28, 1960: The Times brings out an extra on Richard Nixon’s nomination at the Republican National Convention and publishes an editorial endorsing him.

On the jump, The Times’ cover, photos, Times Political Editor Kyle Palmer on Nixon and James Reston of the New York Times on President Eisenhower. 

July 28, 1960, Nixon Lodge
Los Angeles Times file photo

July 28, 1960: Nominees Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge wave to delegates.

July 28, 1960, Nixon


July 28, 1960, Photogs
Los Angeles Times file photo

Notice how many photographers have 4×5 press cameras.  Two fellows appear to have twin-lens reflex cameras and another seems to have a 35 millimeter,  but the camera of choice appears to be the 4×5. This is in contrast to the Democratic National Convention, where photographers tended to use smaller format cameras:  

July 15, 1960, Photographers
Photograph by Larry Sharkey / Los Angeles Times

July 15, 1960: Photographers covering John F. Kennedy’s arrival at the Coliseum carry 35-millimeter cameras. I believe the fellow on the left is Stanley Tretick.

July 28, 1960, Kyle Palmer

July 28, 1960, Reston 

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