Dodgers Beat Yankees


June 28, 1960: An emotional point in the Dodgers' early history in Los Angeles was the 1959 exhibition game against the Yankees to honor Roy Campanella, the star catcher who had been paralyzed in a car accident.

The Dodgers and Yankees met again in 1960, this time at Yankee Stadium in a game benefiting United Charities.

The Dodgers won, 4-3. The Times' Frank Finch said the teams played in front of "a highly vocal crowd with a heavy Brooklyn accent."

Finch had a sidebar knocking down a rumored seven-player trade between the Yankees and Dodgers. According to the rumor, Don Drysdale, Gil Hodges and Duke Snider would go to the Yankees for Tony Kubek, Elston Howard, Ryne Duren and Johnny James.

–Keith Thursby

June 28, 1960, Dodgers 

June 28, 1960, Stats 


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5 Responses to Dodgers Beat Yankees

  1. Native Angeleno says:

    Keith, where’s the article?? As with all the original articles in the Daily Mirror, it’s the actual article in context of the other stories on the page that tells the story of those days.


  2. Harpo in San Diego says:

    I can’t help wondering whether it was Finch or Bavasi who didn’t know the young phenom pitcher’s last name …
    It’s Richert, not Reichert.


  3. Native Angeleno says:

    Thanks for posting both articles, Keith. ~~


  4. Drew Robertson says:

    I remember listening to this game but until now, I didn’t remember anything except my family listened to it one evening in Southern California and that Gil Hodges, who wasn’t starting for the Dodgers anymore but started in this game,was thrown out at the plate on an attempted in-side-the-park home run. After the crowd died down, Vin Scully said with some exuberance, “Well, that’s Hodges for ya.”
    And that is “Hodges for ya”– thrown out at the plate in such a game, little fan fare yet not short of greatness, mild mannered but intense, dieing young, shut out of the Hall of Fame.


  5. Drew says:

    How about posting the box score too, please.


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