A Scientific Way to Make Coffee

June 22, 1960, Chemex


June 22, 1960: A Chemex! The scientific way to make coffee.

On the jump, “The Apartment” or “Macumba Love?” Tough choice.

June 22, 1960, The Apartment

June 22, 1960, Macumba Love

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4 Responses to A Scientific Way to Make Coffee

  1. fibber mcgee says:

    “The Apartment” is great, Shirley MacLaine is cute as a bug’s ear and Lemmon is always first class. However, “Macumba Love” has va-va-voom June Wilkinson. No contest. How bad can “Macumba Love” be?


  2. Carol Gwenn says:

    Snigger all you like, but I’ve been using the Chemex that my mother bought in the early fifties & it brews up a mighty fine cuppa joe! The secret? The double-fold filter that screens out all the impurities in the ground beans. Yum!


  3. WALT! says:

    Ya know… The Chemex is still considered today to be the BEST way to brew coffee:
    Also, interesting to note that half the theaters that were playing Macumba Love were Drive-In theaters (about half I went to in the 1970s.) None left today. Olympic -on Bundy, now a Cadillac dealer (soon to be something else); Edwards in Arcadia / El Monte -now condos; Edgewood in Baldwin Park -now Kaiser Permanente; Pickwick in Burbank -now a Pavilions shopping center. If only I had some voodoo potions to bring them back.


  4. Megan says:

    Definitely, Macumba Love.


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