Memorial Day, 1910

May 31, 1910, Memorial Day

May 31, 1910, Memorial Day

May 31, 1910 : “They were fewer and failing in strength but mighty in spirit. About 150 veterans gathered to pass in an annual review before the generations which have come into existence since the soldiers were mustered out …. Those who have not fallen from the ranks are a little more stooped and their hair is perhaps a trifle whiter, but the spirit in their hearts has not been dimmed a bit,” The Times said.

"What do we celebrate on this Memorial Day? What do we glorify in song and speech? Not war itself. My voice shall never be given to proclamation of the glories and grandeurs of deadly conflict.

"War is not glorious. The poet may sing, the orator may cast his magic spell, the hideous form may be covered with the magnificent robes of imagination, but war is not glorious.

"We celebrate not the bloody death but the sacrificial spirit of those who gave themselves to death. We celebrate not the anguish and suffering of those dark and dismal days, but the devotion that bore the burden on the behalf of the American republic."

–The Rev. Matt S. Hughes, Pasadena.

May 31, 1910, Streetcars

The holiday puts heavy demands on the streetcar system.

May 31, 1910, Mrs. Otis

Gen. Harrison Gray Otis erects a monument on behalf of his late wife, Eliza.

May 31, 1910, Otis Memorial

May 31, 1910, Memorial Day

May 31, 1910, Memorial Day

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